Webinar "Wine Consumption During Covid-19"

The Webinar "Consumption of Wine During Covid-19", will take place on April 26, at 5:30 pm.

This webinar, promoted in the context of the Postgraduate Course in Enology at the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia da Católica Porto, presents a Study done jointly with the Academy of Wine Business Research on changes in wine consumption during the first confinement in Portugal.

The study was carried out by two researchers from the CBQF, Paulo Ramos and Maria João Monteiro, using a panel of 425 respondents with a sampling by quotas, for a greater representation of the Portuguese population.

The results indicate that there have been no significant changes in the patterns of wine consumption in general, only some variations in some types of wines. In the same period, online purchases still did not show significant increases.


17.30 Opening of the session and presentation of the speakers. Tim Hogg
17.40 Wine Consumption During Covid-19 - Presentation of the Study.
Paulo Ramos and Maria João Monteiro.
18.20 Debate session. Moderator: Tim Hogg
18.45 End of session

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